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Abilities Windrunner[1]
Profession Army Captain, archer
Groups Knights Radiant (Windrunner)Bridge Four, Kholin army
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Colot is a Captain of the Fifth Battalion of the Kholin army on Roshar.[2] He later becomes a Windrunner.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is lighteyed and lanky.[2] He is referred to as a "good man" by Skar.[3]


Kholin army[edit]

Colot was an archer in the Kholin army in a battalion with a number of archers; he was a captain, also commanding some scouts, scribes, and bridgemen.[2]

He was good friends with Captain Tallan of the Eighth Company, which acted as the Fifth Battalion's policing force during the Battle of Narak. After the battle, he volunteered his battalion to help Bridge Four scout Urithiru. He arrived on the scene with reinforcements just after the death of Vedekar Perel; Dalinar asked him to help secure the perimeter and to notify Elhokar and Sebarial of the death.[2]

Radiant squire[edit]

Colot was among a group of potential Knights Radiant squires that General Khal sent to Kaladin. Kaladin was hesitant to recruit lighteyes, but Skar vouched for Colot and pointed out that Renarin was also lighteyed. Colot and the other lighteyed recruits submitted to orders during the tryout without complaint, causing Skar to reflect on Kaladin's and Teft's prejudiced perception of lighteyes.[3]

Rlain later saw Colot and nine other new recruits to Bridge Four training with Peet after gaining the ability to breathe in Stormlight. Colot was the only lighteyed squire in the group, and remained one of only a few members of Bridge Four who were originally lighteyed.[3]

After becoming a squire, Colot's name was known to Shallan. While disguised as a messenger from the Shattered Plains, she invoked his name to seem more authentic during her attempt to deliver a letter from Elhokar to Aesudan.[4]


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