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Oathbringer (Shardblade)

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Oathbringer (Shardblade)
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by Sheep
Type Shardblade
Owners Sunmaker (former), Tanalan (former), Dalinar Kholin (former), Torol Sadeas (former), Meridas Amaram (former), Dalinar Kholin (current).
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Oathbringer is the name given to the Shardblade held by Brightlord Dalinar Kholin[1] and later by Brightlord Torol Sadeas.

Oathbringer was the Shardblade of the Sunmaker and was passed down through various owners to Tanalan[2]. Oathbringer was then Bonded to Dalinar when he was "twenty Weepings old"[1] after he defeated Tanalan at the Rift. He uses it in combat with the Parshendi and following the Battle of the Tower, trades it for all of Sadeas' bridgemen after promising Kaladin that "you will be safe. I promise with every shred of honor I have.".[3][4]

The blade is dropped by Sadeas when he is murdered by Adolin Kholin in Urithiru. Adolin discards the blade outside, dropping it to a balcony below, where it is later discovered by Bridge Four on patrol in the city. Upon being notified of this, Dalinar takes the blade and returns it to the heads of the Sadeas princedom; Ialai and Amaram, and the latter bonds Oathbringer.[5]

Oathbringer is carried by Amaram until the battle of Thaylen City, where upon being shot to death with a Grandbow by Rock -- who refuses to take up Amaram's Shards -- the blade is once again reclaimed by Dalinar, who chooses it as the namesake for his book.[6]

The blade is six feet long, slightly curved and a handspan wide. It has wavelike serrations near the hilt, and curved like a fisherman's hook near the tip.[1] While in the possession of Dalinar Oathbringer had a heliodor set into its pommel.[7]


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