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Died 1173[1]
Profession Bridgeman
Groups Bridge Four, Sadeas army
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

Dunny is a member of Bridge Four on Roshar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Dunny is a darkeyed, spindly youth. He is skinnier than most of Bridge Four, with Kaladin thinking how he couldn’t use Dunny as an example because of his size.[2] According to Sigzil, Dunny’s eyes are dark violet, hinting that he may have been Veden (rather than Alethi).[3] He is babyfaced, hardly needing to shave at all.[3]

At first, Dunny is quite shy until he sings with Rock during chasm duty. After that, he walks around with more confidence, talking to the others more.[4]


Dunny was an apprentice before he found himself in Bridge Four. While he didn’t go into much detail about his past, Dunny admitted that his master beat him for not remembering to use titles to address those of higher stature.[4]

During his first run as bridgeleader, Kaladin didn’t want to leave his injured men behind. He recruited a young Dunny to heat the knife, which he used to treat a wounded Leyten.[5]

On stone gathering duty, Dunny approached with Earless Jaks towing a wooden sled bearing a large stone. The pair helped Kaladin put the stone in the wagon. Kaladin thanked them, to which Dunny just shrugged.[6]

When Bridge Four was assigned to chasm duty, Kaladin, Rock, and Teft discussed duels back on the Horneater Peaks. Seeing that Dunny was moving closer to listen, Kaladin asked him a question, startling the youth. Rock chuckled and asked if he knew the meaning of his name. Dunny didn’t know, which made him feel like an outsider especially knowing Rock’s name meant a whole sentence. Rock told him that on the Peaks, everyone’s name is a poem. Hearing that, Dunny hesitated, but then spoke his own poem.[4]

Hey you big buffoon, you smell like a wet hog, so go out by the moon, and jump yourself in the bog.

—Dunny’s poem during chasm duty [4]

Rock laughed riotously and Kaladin commented that it sounded like a song. Dunny admitted that he put it to the tune of “Mari’s Two Lover’s” to get the beat right. Hearing the mention of a song, Rock asked Dunny to sing for them. After a yelp of protest, Dunny obeyed. His voice was pure tenor as he sang, appearing more confident in song than in voice. Rock joined in and sang in harmony. When they finished, Teft applauded and Rock said it was good to meet a lowlander that could sing. Dunny blushed, but he walked more confidently after their compliments, his shyness fading. That evening, Dunny helped Rock prepare the stew and the two sang songs for the rest of Bridge Four.[4]

From then on, Dunny continued to support Kaladin and the rest of Bridge Four. He helped with the stew and was vocal in Kaladin’s plan to fight and escape.[7] He also tended to be more outspoken about his past even telling the others a story about the first girl he kissed.[8]

Unfortunately, Dunny was killed in a bridge run soon after. Once Kaladin's crew had set their bridge, Torol Sadeas's troops started fighting the Parshendi. In the battle, one of Sadeas' archers accidentally shot Dunny in the shoulder. Before Kaladin could reach him, he was struck again in the opposing side by a Parshendi arrow, killing him instantly. Kaladin tried again to get to him, but Moash pulled him back, saying there was nothing he could do.[1]

Dunny’s death had a profound impact on Kaladin as he considered the bridgemen to be a friend and one of the first to support him. However, Kaladin knew there was nothing he could do for him, so he focused on healing the injured from other bridge crews.[1] Right before swearing the Second Ideal, Kaladin remembered Dunny along with Maps, Amark, Goshel, Dallet, Nalma, Tukks, and Tien.[9]

Kaladin remembers Dunny again as he holds Moash at spearpoint in Hearthstone and thinks the he failed Moash as much he failed Dunny, Mart, and Jaks. But failing Moash hurt the most.[10]


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