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Died Ishi 1172[1]
Profession Spearman in Amaram's army
Groups Amaram's army, Kaladin's squad
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Dallet acts as Kaladin's second-in-command during his time as squadleader in Brightlord Amaram's army.[2][1]

He dies by a shardblade blow through the head.[1] Guilt over Dallet's death lingers with Kaladin.[3][4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Dallet has a full black beard that is cut short and speckled with gray, and his black eyes mark him as a darkeyes.[2] Dallet is described as weathered and mountainous, with a gruff voice. He is confident in himself and Kaladin's ability to lead, and he seems to know Kaladin quite well.[2][1] Teft reminds Kaladin of Dallet, as he used to say that one of his tasks as sergeant was to keep his squadleader alive.[3]


Prior to the battle in which Amaram was attacked by Helaran Davar, a full Shardbearer, Dallet helped Kaladin with scanning the battleground and gave Cenn, a young recruit whom he found even before Kaladin could tell Dallet that he was going to arrive soon, some veteran advice--like to piss before a fight. During this fight he also explained certain aspects of the battle to Cenn and kept steering him in formation until the boy lost the squad. When the whole squad was united again, Dallet returned to Kaladin the knives he'd retrieved and the two decide to take down a lighteyed enemy battalionlord. While Kaladin was fighting the officer Dallet stayed behind with the wounded, but when Kaladin looked back he saw Dallet getting cut through the head with a Shardblade and collapsing.[2][1]


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