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Spouse Kalami
Died Ishishach 1173[1]
Abilities Shardbearer
Profession Officer in Kholin army
Groups Dalinar's elites (former)[citation needed], Kholin army
Nationality Alethi [citation needed]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Teleb was a lighteyed officer and Shardbearer in Dalinar's warcamp on Roshar.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He was straight-backed and had light-green eyes. He had long hair and a blue tattoo on his cheek, marking him as an Oldblood. He was married to Kalami.[2] He was described as being as literal as rocks.[3]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Teleb was a highly skilled archer, able to consistently hit targets from 400 yards. His archery was enough to impress Dalinar Kholin to the extent that Teleb was granted a place among Dalinar's elites, despite being on the side of the enemy.

Teleb also owned both Blade and Plate when he served Dalinar at the Shattered Plains, and was presumably competent when it came to utilizing them. In addition, he also held a position of command in the Kholin army, and was thus most likely a competent leader as well.


Dalinar recruited Teleb as one of his elites when he attacked Telebs home. Teleb was assigned to assassinate Dalinar and shot him with an arrow from 400 yards away. Dalinar was impressed by this feat and promptly gave Teleb the choice of joining his army.[4] He proved his worth by shooting the soldiers in Rathalas that tried to drop Dalinar in the rift.[5]

He was Dalinar's highofficer on duty when a chasmfiend was detected crawling up on a plateau only two hours away. When Dalinar decided to march, Teleb was sent for Adolin.

Teleb also suggested to Dalinar to think about using man-carried bridges to reach a contested plateau faster but not using them for the assault itself. Though Dalinar hesitated about this idea he told Teleb he may train one bridge crew for this purpose.[2] Because the chull-drawn bridges would be needed for the assault furthermore Teleb tried to design a new kind of bridge but his first attempt failed and the bridge didn't stand the weight of the chulls.[3]

When Dalinar returned after the Battle of the Tower he sent a message to Teleb that he should bring the entire camp to alert, preparing for anything though Dalinar hoped that it wouldn't be needed.[6]

He was killed during the Battle of Narak,[1] and his blade was recovered by Captain Khal.[7]


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