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Spouse Kalami
Died Ishishach 1173[1]
Abilities Shardbearer
Profession Officer in Kholin army
Groups Dalinar's elites[2] (former), Kholin army
Nationality Alethi[2]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Teleb, you storming miracle.

Dalinar, after Teleb shoots the soldiers posing a threat[3]

Teleb is a lighteyed officer and Shardbearer in Dalinar's warcamp on Roshar.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Teleb is tall,[5] straight-backed, and has light-green eyes. He has long hair and a blue tattoo on his cheek, marking him as an Oldblood. He is married to Kalami[4] and is described as being as literal as rocks.[6] He tends to keep his opinions to himself.[7]

Teleb has what Dalinar considers to be the marks of a great officer - not only obeying orders with which one disagrees, but also offering innovative suggestions.[4] He also likes to show off by making sure the army is displayed in perfect arrangement when awaiting Dalinar's arrival.[8]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Teleb is a highly skilled archer, able to consistently hit targets from around four hundred yards.[2] He is also proficient in wearing Shardplate[9] and wielding a Shardblade.[1]

In addition, Teleb holds a position of command in the Kholin army and seems to be a reliable, competent leader.[10]


Dalinar recruited Teleb into his elites when he attacked Teleb's home. Teleb was assigned by his brightlord Yezriar to assassinate Dalinar and shot him with an arrow from nearly four hundred yards away. Dalinar was impressed by this feat and promptly gave him the choice of joining his army, which he agreed to in exchange for sparing his town from pillaging.[2]

"Obey or die?" Teleb asked.
"The same deal I offered you, Teleb. You were smart enough to take it."

—Teleb questioning Dalinar at the Rift[9]

During the first assault at Rathalas, Teleb proved his worth by shooting the soldiers that were trying to drop Dalinar in the Rift by cutting the bridge from under him.[3] At a dinner when Gavilar was trying to convince Toh that the Alethi were strong enough to protect him and his sister, Dalinar made the point for him by walking over to another bunker in the midst of a highstorm to ask Teleb if he still had Dalinar's favorite knife.[5] Dalinar grew to regard Teleb highly enough that he was given use of Adolin's Plate, the Shards that Toh and Evi had brought with them as a bargaining chip, until Adolin was old enough to use the Plate himself.[11] A few years later, the next time the army was attacking the Rift, Teleb was in charge of directing the army and assigned a group of scouts to tail a large caravan that had just left Rathalas. When Dalinar went to investigate Tanalan's report that the caravan included an Alethi highprince, he left Teleb in charge of the army in his absence.[8] Teleb sent another team of scouts after Dalinar as soon as Tanalan turned on the Alethi forces, and the team reported that Dalinar's group had been ambushed and killed. Assuming Dalinar was dead, he then began planning for a siege to allow Gavilar time to arrive and seek vengeance on his brother's death. Upon Dalinar's arrival back at the camp and at his orders, Teleb had the scouts imprisoned and set the army's Soulcaster to making oil.[12] Teleb tried to talk Dalinar out of burning the city, but not very strongly, and he was disregarded.[9]

In the warcamps during the time of the Vengeance Pact, he was Dalinar's highofficer on duty when a chasmfiend was detected crawling up on a plateau only two hours away. When Dalinar decided to march, he had Teleb send for Adolin.[4]

Teleb discussed using man-carried bridges with Dalinar, who was opposed to the idea. Knowing Dalinar's opinion, he suggested using them to reach a contested plateau faster but not for the assault itself. Though Dalinar was hesitant, he knew the value of listening to a highly-regarded officer's advice and told Teleb he could train one bridge crew for the purpose of testing the idea.[4] Because chull-drawn bridges would be needed for the assault, Teleb tried to design a new kind of bridge; his first attempt failed because the bridge didn't stand the weight of the chulls.[6]

When Dalinar returned after the Battle of the Tower he sent a message to Teleb that he should bring the entire camp to alert, preparing for anything, though Dalinar hoped that his remaining troops wouldn't be needed.[13]

Adolin gave Teleb use of the Plate he won from his duel with Eranniv, which he later painted silver.[7][14]

On the expedition to find Urithiru, Teleb served in his position as Highlord. He alerted Dalinar to Rlain's approach, though Rlain refused to speak to him and only answered Dalinar's questions.[15][16]

Teleb was given command of Sebarial's army during the Battle of Narak, but he died in the conflict while supporting Roion's troops.[10][1] The King's Blade he was wielding was recovered by Captain Khal, although his Plate was lost.[17]

During the Battle of Thaylen Field, Odium brought up Dalinar's memory of killing Yezriar as part of his attempt to make Dalinar give in to him, presumably because Dalinar's high regard for Teleb caused him to realize Yezriar must have been a very good man to hold Teleb's loyalty.[18]


  • Teleb's character has several similarities to Jebe, one of the great generals of the Mongol army during the 1200s. These include that Jebe, as an enemy of Genghis Khan, shot him in the neck. After being brought to Genghis, he promised to serve him loyally.


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