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Profession Huntmaster in Kholin army (former)
Groups Kholin army
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Aw, Damnation
— Bashin, as the chasmfiend attacked unexpectedly early.[1]

Bashin is a darkeyed Alethi of the first nahn on Roshar.[1]


Bashin accompanies Dalinar to a firemoss den the night of Adolin's birth.[2]

He is the huntmaster of the disastrous chasmfiend hunt. Bashin is a short man with a large belly, and wears rugged clothing, a leather overcoat, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Pre-hunt advice is one of his responsibilities, which he takes seriously. He says cheerfully that the day will be a good hunt, as the chasmfiend they are hunting is massive. Bashin uses hogs as bait for the chasmfiend, and intends to let a group of wild hogs distract the beast as the Alethi used grandbows to weaken it. Bashin says they should go for the legs on the chasmfiend.[1]

However, the chasmfiend appears earlier than expected, and instead of attacking the plateau the hunt is supposed to occur at, it attacked the Alethi party's viewing plateau, which is filled with attendants, guests, scribes, and unprepared soldiers.[1]

He is also present as a coordinator of scouts prior to the Battle of Narak, reporting to Dalinar when they come across the Parshendi, bringing Dalinar and Shallan to inspect the stormform Parshendi they kill.[3]

He oversaw the axehound kennels in Urithiru.[4]


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