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Profession Scholar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Eleseth is a scholar and artist on Roshar during the Era of Solitude.[1]


Eleseth studied the effect of colored lighting on art and human perception.[1] She would paint with only spheres of one color, such as ruby, to light her studio. She found that initially she would not use enough of that same color in her paintings, but after time had passed she discovered that her mind would compensate and she would begin to paint more normally again. Eleseth also discovered if she switched the color of the spheres during a painting session, for a time she would paint as if the room was still lit by the previous color.

Brightness Shallan Davar read of Eleseth and her work.[1] She later explained the experiment to Pattern, citing it as a reason she worried about perception. Shallan said that Eleseth's experiment made her wonder if she will ever be able to see the world clearly.


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