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Plot summary
Ishanah 1173

Eshonai returns after the highstorm to Narak to a large crowd who were curious about her transformation. Eshonai feels energetic, and sees tiny red lightning bolts when she flexes her fist, and has lost her bulky warform in favor of small ridges in her skin. She is able to leap a chasm by crouching and throwing herself into the air, with less effort than warform required. Venli confronts her, saying her eyes are red which is something referenced in the songs but Eshonai cuts her off, saying that with the Stormform that she can move in the highstorm unimpeded and that she can feel a storm building beyond the rhythms, a highstorm that they can guide to use against their enemies. Eshonai addresses the crowd, saying that she saw the betrayal in the Storm Rider's eyes, and that he intends to help humans against the Parshendi, but that they can now fight back using this new form, and the crowd hums to Awe in appreciation. Eshonai glories in the praise but a voice inside her screams in horror.


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