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And when they were spoken of by the common folk, the Releasers claimed to be misjudged because of the dreadful nature of their power; and when they dealt with others, always were they firm in their claim that other epithets, notably "Dustbringers," often heard in the common speech, were unacceptable substitutions, in particular for their similarity to the word "Voidbringers." They did also exercise anger in great prejudice regarding it, though to many who speak, there was little difference between there two assemblies.
—From Words of Radiance, chapter 17, page 11

Plot Summary
Ishaches 1173

Pattern opens a lock on one of Tyn's trunks for Shallan and she examines the contents, finding clothing and spheres among other useful items.

Vathah reports to Shallan that he has burned all the bodies of Tyn and her guards, and she says that she will deal with the skeletons to avoid uncomfortable questions. Macob sends a servant to retrieve a palanquin for Shallan, then goes his own way.

As Shallan enters the warcamp, accompanied by Vathah and his deserter guards, and her slaves, she frets over her betrothal and plans to continue Jasnah's research. She learns that Dalinar is in conference with Elhokar, and orders her palanquin to be brought to the meeting. As she travels to the palace, she draws a sketch of herself confidently confronting Dalinar to try to boost her own morale. At the palace, Shallan enters with Vathah and Gaz as attendants. They reach the conference room at the top of the palace, and Kaladin spots her, and asks her if Adolin is betrothed to a Horneater princess and she replies that she was trying to travel incognito. Kaladin has Gaz seized, and says that Shallan is an impostor since Adolin's real betrothed was lost at sea, but Shallan gives a spanreed printout to Kaladin to have Navani authenticate her claims. Shallan becomes upset at Kaladin's lack of accommodation and they have a heated argument. Kaladin stalks away angry, but Shallan feels that the disturbance will lead to the desired result of her receiving an audience with Dalinar. Gaz mentions that Kaladin was a slave in the lumberyards recently and is very dangerous.

Kaladin enters the chamber with the paper, and returns after a short time, summoning Shallan to enter.


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