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by Isaac Stewart
Children May
Ancestors Sadees[1]
Abilities Shardbearer
Titles Highprince of Alethkar (princedom), Highprince of Information
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Aladar is a Highprince of Alethkar on Roshar.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Aladar is slender, dark skinned, and bald; with the exception of a thin mustache and a tuft of hair below the lip. He was also a skilled duelist. He owns a full set of Shards, but they are normally lent to Highlord Mintez for battles and duels.[2] He is also said to be a good politician.


Aladar was, like the other Highprinces of Alethkar, present on the Shattered Plains, and fought in the war against the Parshendi. The Aladar warcamp lay between Sadeas warcamp and Kholin warcamp. Around the time that Kaladin arrived on the Shattered Plains Highprince Aladar began talking of taking a short vacation back to Alethkar.

After the new rules concerning the war on the Shattered Plains, Aladar went on plateau runs as commanded, and followed the tactical advice given to him by Dalinar Kholin. Despite this, Aladar allied with Torol Sadeas, and later went on Plateau Runs despite not being allowed to. He was present during the meeting of the Highprinces after the assassination attempt on Dalinar.

When Dalinar set out to defeat the Parshendi once and for all, Aladar surprisingly joined him as an ally. During the Battle of Narak, Aladar managed to defeat the Parshendi on a plateau. He survived the battle, and took refuge in Urithiru together with the other survivors.

During his time in Urithiru, Aladar is appointed Highprince of Information and tasked with policing the city[3]. He is also present during the first attempts by Dalinar to unify Roshar against the voidbringers.[4]


His Princedom was one of the northernmost in Alethkar.[5]

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