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Kabsal portrait.jpg
Born ca. 1150[1]
Died 1173,[2] Poisoning
Profession Ardent
Religion Vorinism
Groups Ghostbloods
Devotary of Insight
Nationality Herdazian
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Kabsal is a member of the Ghostbloods under cover as an ardent in Kharbranth on Roshar.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He has a narrow face, shaven head, and a short squared beard. He has keen blue eyes. He is tall, lean, and "rather handsome." He is described as having a cultured tone, and speaks with a faint Herdazian accent.[1]


Sometime before 1174, Kabsal joined the Ghostbloods and went undercover as an ardent in the Palanaeum. He pretends to pursue romantic involvement with Shallan Davar during her time in Kharbranth with the goal of assassinating her mentor and teacher Jasnah Kholin, a well-known atheist.[4] Shallan at first suspects he is trying to convert Jasnah, and then later believes he seeks to prevent Shallan from becoming an atheist. He claims to have found proof of the Almighty's existence, which he demonstrates through cymatics by playing notes next to a metal plate with salt on it. As the notes are played the salt takes the shapes of different cities from the Silver Kingdoms. Jasnah sees the demonstration, knows what Kabsal is doing, and asks him to make the shape of Urithiru. She is unwelcoming, claiming that is what Kabsal expects, and if she had been welcoming he would have been surprised and suspicious.[5]

Kabsal visited Shallan often in the Palanaeum where she and Jasnah spent most of their time. He brought poisoned bread for Jasnah on all of his visits. After Shallan expressed a fondness for jam and Jasnah a dislike for it, he started bringing jam that contained an antidote for the poison on each visit.[2] When he learned that Shallan likes simberry jam he brought a jar of it to share with her.[5]

While visiting Shallan in the hospital, Kabsal succeeds in getting Jasnah to eat the bread. However, Jasnah soulcasts both bread and jam out of caution, causing Kabsal and Shallan to fall ill without the antidote in the jam. Kabsal quickly dies,[6] but Jasnah is able to save Shallan's life by soulcasting her blood to remove the poison from it.[4]

After the assassination attempt, Jasnah investigates Kabsal and finds that he is not an ardent, but instead a member of the Ghostbloods.[3]


  • He knows how to apply lacquer to a painting.[1]
  • He has been to Jah Keved on two occasions, and while he finds the food nice, he finds the people too respectful of ardents.[1]


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