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by User: Exmakina
Born ca. 1150
Died 1173
Profession Ardent
Religion Vorinism
Groups Ghostbloods
Devotary of Insight
Nationality Herdazian
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Kabsal is an ardent in Kharbranth on Roshar.

He has a narrow face, shaven head, and a short squared beard. He has blue eyes. He is tall, lean, and "rather handsome"[1]

He pretends to attempt to become romantically involved with Shallan Davar there in order to get an opportunity to kill her mentor and teacherJasnah Kholin, a well known atheist. Shallan at first suspects him trying to convert Jasnah, and then later suspects him of attempting to prevent her from becoming an atheist. He and Shallan both share a passion for jam, and he often brings jam to Jasnah's library. Jasnah is unwelcoming, claiming that is what Kabsal expects, and if she had been welcoming he would have been surprised and suspicious.

When Shallan is in the hospital talking to Jasnah, he brings poisoned bread with jam as the antidote, knowing that Jasnah doesn't like jam and will only eat the bread. Jasnah discovers this, and soulcasts the bread. She also saves Shallan by soulcasting her blood to remove the poison from it.[2] He is not infact an Ardent, but instead a member of the Ghostbloods.[3]


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