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Sudi Valam

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Sudi Valam
Parents Valam
Siblings Redin
Born c. 1117[2]
Died c. 1173[3]
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Sudi Valam was a Veden noble on Roshar. She was the daughter of Highprince Valam.[1]


Lin Davar suggested that his son Balat marry her to gain influence for House Davar. Balat points out that she was in her fifties at the time, and had been recently widowed after a duel.[1] Balat also believed that Valam would never approve of the marriage, although Lin felt that House Davar's newfound wealth might change his mind.[1] Balat protested vigorously, even insulting Lin and nearly coming to blows with him. Balat was particularly agitated by Lin's suggestion because he was in love with Eylita Tavinar.[1]

After the Veden civil war, when King Valam was on his deathbed, he mentioned that Redin was his only living child, indicating that Sudi died at some point in late 1172 or 1173.[3]


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