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Profession Guard captain
Nationality Veden
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Words of Radiance

Rin is a captain of House Davar's guards in Jah Keved on Roshar.[1]


In 1172, after Luesh infiltrated the Davar household, an increasingly unhinged Lin Davar hired new guards including Rin and Levrin. The new guards, led by Rin, were violent, intimidating, and highly loyal to Lin. Balat Davar remarked that the old guards that the Davar children had grown up with[2] (including Beal and Ten) were more friendly, and that he did not like the new guards; Rin especially frightened Balat.[1]

Balat revealed that he had recently seen Helaran, who had told Balat that he would probably not see him for a long time. Lin subsequently took Rin aside and asked him to travel to Valath to find and assassinate Helaran and bring him his head. Lin promised Helaran's Shardblade to Rin as payment for the deed. Malise Gevelmar overheard the plot and confronted Lin, who began berating her; Lin whispered something else to Rin before he departed.[1]


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