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Nation Jah Keved
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Valath is a city in Jah Keved on Roshar. It is located midway up the leeward side of the Horneater Peaks.[1]

Possibly part of the Valam princedom, Valath is the location of the Holy Enclave. The Holy Enclave has a store of tomes and scrolls that nearly rivals the Palanaeum's collection, and it is the home to curates which wear distinguishing blue robes and carry ornate staves bound with gemstones.[2][3]


Lin Davar sent Rin, one of his guards, to Valath to kill Helaran.[4] Helaran had left a contact in Valath so that Balat could get in touch with him; Shallan encouraged her brother to take Malise Gevelmar and Eylita Tavinar with him and join Helaran.[5] Years later when she reached the Shattered Plains, Shallan paid to send a message and a spanreed to her brothers via Valath.[6]

The curates from the Holy Enclave traveled to Vedenar in order to excommunicate Dalinar Kholin during his tour of the city on behalf of the coalition of monarchs.[3]


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