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Abilities Lightweaver
Bonded With Ornament
Groups Knights Radiant (Lightweavers), Unseen Court[1]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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I think we all hide pain to an extent.

—Beryl to Shallan[2]

Beryl is a Lightweaver on Roshar bonded to Ornament.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is a tall darkeyed Alethi woman with luscious black hair and tan skin. Beryl has delicate, supple fingers.[2] Her personality is described as sunny despite her history.[2]


Beryl is a Lightweaver bonded to Ornament. She can instinctively use Lightweavings to change her own appearance and sometimes does this subconsciously.[2] However, Beryl has not learned how to Lightweave anything other than herself yet. She attempted to use drawings to form Lightweavings like Shallan, but is horrible at drawing.[3] She is skilled at using Soulcasting and finds that by carrying around lavis seeds it is easier to transform things into lavis grain. She has shown Vathah this trick and he agreed it was easier to Soulcast with the seeds.[2]


Beryl was once a prostitute in the warcamps on the Shattered Plains.[1] At sometime while still a prostitute she bonded the Cryptic Ornament to become a Lightweaver.[2] Using her newfound abilities she began to change her face to match the faces of her clients' loved ones. A rumor of a prostitute changing one's face in the warcamps eventually led Shallan to Beryl, where she was recruited about three months prior to the expedition to Lasting Integrity.[1]

Beryl then became an apprentice in the Unseen Court, where she was trained to use her powers and fight. Beryl was one of the five Lightweavers brought on the mission to capture Ialai Sadeas in the warcamps.[1]

Beryl showed great interest in being one of the three Lightweaver apprentices to go on the mission to Lasting Integrity when Shallan told her and the rest of the Unseen Court. However, Shallan chose to bring Vathah, Ishnah, and Stargyle instead of Beryl. [1] Then right before the party was set to leave Urithiru Stargyle’s wife became ill and he backed out of the trip, letting Beryl take his place on the expedition into Shadesmar. [4] During the trip there Shallan temporarily believed Beryl was the spy for Mraize and the Ghostbloods, particularly after she feeds her a tidbit about a corrupted gloryspren and Mraize repeats it.[5]

After Adolin, Shallan, and Pattern were let into Lasting Integrity, Beryl and everyone else except Godeke, Felt, and his wife Malli left for the Oathgate to tell Dalinar what had happened.[6]


Beryl is not her real name. She claims not to remember her real name anymore. Ornament rides inside her shirt, near her skin. Beryl has not yet earned her Shardblade.[1]


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