Dark One

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Dark One
Released Unknown

Dark One is a planned cosmere Young Adult novel.

Plot Summary[edit]

Dark One is the traditional epic fantasy story, but instead of being from the point of view of the "Chosen One" destined to save the world, it is from the point of view of the individual destined to destroy it.[1]


Dark One takes place on a previously unknown Shardworld focused around electricity.[Citation needed] On this Shardworld the ground itself carries an electrical charge and the flora and fauna has evolved around that charge. An example of this being certain animals being able to shoot spittle that acts like a taser.[2]

It is a "modern" cosmere story, which means it takes place several thousand years after the Shattering of Adonalsium. As a result this means it is not about Rayse.[3]

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Brandon first started work on Dark One before being hired to finish The Wheel of Time when he then shelved it. This is the same situation as with The Rithmatist (then referred to as Scribbler).[4] In July 2013 Brandon said that he was having difficulty getting Dark One "off the ground",that he had had an opportunity but The Rithmatist had worked better, so he recommended readers to "not hold [their] breath on this one". At this point Brandon described it as non-cosmere.[5]

In December 2014 Brandon mentioned that he had made a lot of progress on the setting for Dark One, now referring to it as a cosmere work. He also said that it would likely be the teen series he worked on once The Reckoners and The Rithmatist were complete.[1] Brandon has mentioned the possibility of it being released by Penguin Random House, as The Reckoners is, instead of by Tor.[Citation needed]

The electrified world setting is based on the work of Nikola Tesla who wanted to develop wireless electricity.[2]


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