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Ethnicity Liaforan
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Liafor is a kingdom on a peninsula in south-west Roshar.[1] It borders Alm, Steen, Yezier, and Tashikk.

During the Silver Kingdoms era, it was part of Makabakam.[2]

Shallan caught Adolin looking through a portfolio of Liaforan and Azish fashions.[3][Citation needed] Sadeas later teases Adolin about his fashion sense.[4]

While guard captain Hauka is questioning someone trying to import some tallew into Yeddaw, she notices his 'fine Liaforan boots' and doubts that he's a simple farmer.[5]

Lift dodges a group of Tashikki women discussing Liaforan handicrafts, and some of the women notice Lift and tighten their hold on their baskets.[6]


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