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Locator Liafor.png
Ethnicity Liaforan
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

I do think the coat is splendid, but I worry that the short cut might be trending out of fashion. What is the latest from Liafor?

Torol Sadeas to Adolin on fashion[1]

Liafor is a kingdom on a peninsula in south-west Roshar.[2] It is known as a center of fashion on Roshar.[3]

Geography and Ecology[edit]

It borders Tashikk to the east, Yezier and Alm to the north, the Aimian Sea to the northwest, Steen to the southwest, and an unnamed body of water to the south. The city Berizhet lies in northeastern Liafor, close to Tashikk. A major river runs west through Liafor, starting near Berizhet and ending in the Aimian Sea.[2] During the Silver Kingdoms era, it was part of Makabakam.[4]


Liafor is headed by a monarchy run by a prince and other rulers. The prince's cousin, Kaza, was trained from a young age in the use of their soulcaster, which is always kept in the royal family. Whoever is the soulcaster is locked up yet given comforts in an attempt to placate them. Their soulcaster only has the ability to turn objects into smoke. The soulcaster was lost on the island of Akinah when Kaza ran off seeking a cure for her condition.[5] Liafor tends to eagerly join whatever councils Azir is in, though they prefer to cater meetings themselves.[6] At the start of the True Desolation, they and Yezier were the only two Makabaki countries Dalinar thought in a stable enough position to approach about the coalition.[7]


Liafor, along with Yezier, are known as the origin of fashion on Roshar.[3] They produce fashion folios that are read even on the opposite side of Roshar at the Shattered Plains.[8] Each folio page shows a few alternate styles of outfit for one particular demographic, such as Azish male civil servants.[9] The popularity of these fashion folios comes from an ability to use local models and market towards local fashion trends. Folios marketed towards the Alethi and Veden market use Alethi models and show traditional styles such as the Vorin havah rather than the more daring styles popular in the west.[10][11] Similarly, the styles shown in Thaylenah take inspiration from the style of Queen Fen.[12] The folios sent to the Shattered Plains intentionally had out-of-date styles in order to sell military uniforms to the soldiers, which Adolin was appalled to learn.[13]

Fine Liaforan boots are an indication to Hauka in Tashikk that a man is not a poor farmer as he claims.[14] Other products to come out of Liafor include Liaforan handicrafts, discussed by Tashikki women,[15] and a Liaforan word puzzle, done by Rysn in Thaylen City.[16]


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