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World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

I am not a foolish jester or storyteller. I do not 'give tales.' I spread knowledge of cultures, peoples, thoughts, and dreams. I bring peace through understanding. It is the holy charge my order received from the Heralds themselves.

Sigzil on the Worldsingers[1]

The Worldsingers are an organization of storytellers and knowledge-givers on Roshar. They were founded by Hoid,[2] and were active during the Era of Solitude[3] and the True Desolation.[4]


Worldsingers travel the world learning of other places and cultures and sharing information about the places they have already been. When they visit a new place, they tend to ask many questions and seek precise answers.[5][4] Their knowledge of kingdoms and cultures is extensive, and can include various topics such as history, religion, geography, architecture, trade, local traditions, and demographics.[1] They see themselves as superior to traditional storytellers, charged by the Heralds to spread knowledge.[1] Some Worldsingers do use stories to put people at ease; they may use allegories to help pass on information.[4] Hoid, who is the creator and a member of the Worldsingers,[2] used a Trailman's flute when he told stories[6] but it is unclear if the flute is related to his Worldsinger status or one of his many other abilities.


During the thirty-first year of the Sixth Epoch, Hoid, who was already a Master Worldsinger, tasked an apprentice Worldsinger, Senne Khald, with writing a treatise on the Radiant Orders as part of her apprenticeship. She performed her research and recorded many of her notes in a journal.[7]

In 1170, Shallan Davar thought that there might be a Worldsinger at the Middlefest Fair sponsored by her family. She knew what Worldsingers were like and seemed to find their presence relatively commonplace, implying that the group had been active in Jah Keved for some time.[3]

At some point prior to 1173, Sigzil failed to pass the Azish exams to become a public servant; he subsequently started getting into trouble and was rescued by Hoid, who took him on as an apprentice.[4] Sigzil traveled with Hoid, including a trip to Babatharnam.[8] Hoid expressed some frustration with Sigzil as an apprentice, noting that he was sometimes judgmental or foolish, and he had to rescue him on multiple occasions.[4][8][6] At some point, the pair became separated. Sigzil attempted to kill someone for unknown reasons and became a member of a bridge crew.[9]

Sigzil did not tell anyone on the Shattered Plains that he was a Worldsinger. However, Lunamor was able to identify Sigzil as a member of the order without any apparent prior knowledge of his history.[8] It is unclear if this is related to Lunamor's rare ability as a Sighted. Once the secret was out, Sigzil began telling the other bridgemen about distant places such as Sesemalex Dar.[1]

During Sigzil's stint in the bridge crews, Hoid had some reason to believe that he was dead. Sigzil did not contact Hoid to let him know that he was still alive, possibly because he did not want to be rescued again.[6][1] Once Hoid learned that Sigzil was alive, he promoted him from an apprentice to a full Worldsinger.[6][4] After Sigzil was freed and became a Knight Radiant, he continued to serve as a Worldsinger and hoped to improve his storytelling skills.[4]

Notable Worldsingers[edit]


  • There is a connection between Worldsingers, the Terris Worldbringers, and possibly other groups in the cosmere.[10][11] The similarity in their names is not a coincidence.[12][11] Given Hoid's worldhopping abilities, fans have speculated that he is the connection,[11] but Brandon has not confirmed this.
  • Brandon would consider himself akin to a Worldsinger.[13]


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