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Relatives Rine Hatham
Ancestors Sadees[1]
Abilities Shardbearer
Titles Highprince of Alethkar, Highprince of Works
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

We must present a unified Alethkar. We must not allow ourselves to be attacked one at a time, and we must not squabble.


Hatham is a highprince of Alethkar on Roshar. His colors are red and gold,[3] and his princedom is on Alethkar's western border.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Hatham is a long-necked, slender man with rounded features and orange eyes.[5][6] He speaks in a smooth and overly polite, yet refined, manner.[5][2] He typically sports clothing that makes him stand out.[6] His reputation for politeness extends beyond using it as a front in political manipulation.[7]

Hatham is a careful, manipulative planner when it comes to politics.[8] He involves ardents in his political maneuvers, an act which is both illegal and a violation of custom ever since the Hierocracy, however increasingly popular the tactic has become.[5] He has, however, managed to gain the companionship of a Ryshadium and he "runs a tight army."[9][10]


The War of Reckoning[edit]

During the War of Reckoning, Hatham fell behind on his payments to King Elhokar, one of the many acts of the highprinces which undermined Elhokar's rule.[11] When Dalinar Kholin began approaching the highprinces one by one to try to unite them, Hatham very politely declined to ally himself with Dalinar.[12] He was speaking with a group that included two lighteyes, an ardent, and a Natan named Au-nak at one of Elhokar's feasts when Dalinar joined them. They discussed the Emuli-Tukari war, and Hatham mentioned that his wife would be interested when Au-nak explained that the conflict centered around both nations wanting Sesemalex Dar, as the city was one of the Dawncities. Hatham attempted to resolve the conflict between his companions when they argued over whether it was a religious or economic conflict and tried to call Au-nak back when he left in a huff, feeling insulted by the ardent. Hatham pursued Au-nak, leaving his ardent to explain to Dalinar that he had set up the whole encounter so that the Natan would overlook how quickly Hatham would then agree to his demands.[5]

Hatham was the only highprince to comment publicly on Dalinar's first announcement as Highprince of War, denouncing Elhokar's decision.[13] He did, however, continue to go on assigned plateau runs; when Meridas Amaram and Torol Sadeas beat him and Roion to a gemheart, Sadeas threw it to Hatham dismissively.[9] When the highprinces gathered to discuss the Assassin in White's attack on the king, Hatham seemed the be the leader of the section of highprinces who sought to mediate between the factions that supported either Dalinar or Sadeas. After Ialai Sadeas drew everyone's attention to Shallan, he politely insisted that she tell them why she was at the meeting. Later, he argued against Dalinar's proposal to unite and march on the Parshendi camp.[2] Although Dalinar really wished to have Hatham and his army along on the expedition to Stormseat,[10] he did not come.[14] Following the Battle of Narak and the collision of the Everstorm and a highstorm over the Shattered Plains, Hatham received word via spanreed of the impending storm and managed to recharge his spheres.[3] He and most of the remaining highprinces relocated their warcamps to Urithiru shortly thereafter.[15]


This is not a time when we can afford weak leadership. It is not a time when a would-be king can spend his days locked in his rooms.

—Hatham to Navani[6]

Once at Urithiru, Hatham held an economic edge as Stormlight became scarce.[3] He was named Highprince of Works, the highprince responsible for managing the kingdom's infrastructure, including both physical aspects of systems like sewage disposal and the civil service that carried out the necessary labor.[6] He also tried to grow lavis on the fields around the tower, but the elevation proved an insurmountable problem at first.[16] Having given his allegiance to Dalinar, he met with Navani alongside Sebarial, Aladar, and Mishinah Bethab to express their concern over her husband's drunken and reclusive behavior after his memories of the Rift were restored. After they presented their problems, Navani managed to allay their concerns and bolster their spirits as they discussed how to meet the tower's pressing needs.[6] Hatham also attended the meetings of the coalition of monarchs[7] and survived the Battle of Thaylen Field to attend Dalinar's post-battle strategy meeting with his generals and scribes.[17]

Highprince Hatham slowly became someone on whom Dalinar relied,[6][18] and as the war continued over the following year, he was dispatched to oversee the supply chain from Azimir.[19]


  • The ardent of Hatham's in the confrontation with Au-nak is a worldhopper.[20]


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