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World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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A likely-fictional civilization from the legend of the Wandersail, the Uvara, the People of the Great Abyss lived on the islands that Derethil found.[1]

They were a peaceful people but they were frequently violent towards each other as they believed that their emperor would not tolerate anything less than perfection among his subjects. When Derethil and the crew of the Wandersail crashed on their island the Uvara nursed them back to health and rebuilt their ship. Derethil soon discovered the fate of the emperor and revealed to the Uvara that he was in fact dead and had been for some time. In response, the Uvara rioted and chaos broke out across the island as the people were forced to take responsibility for the atrocities and deaths which, up until then, had all been blamed on the emperor. A member of the Uvara, Nafti, joined Derethil and his crew to escape the riots and became a crewmember on the Wandersail.


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