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Siblings Kstled
Profession Sailor
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Drlwan is a Thaylen sailor.[1] She was chosen by Vstim to be captain of the Wandersail. Her brother Kstled serves under her as the ship's man-at-arms.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Drlwan is a short woman and described by Rysn as having "a sharp nose and unusually blonde hair". She has a commanding air, and Rysn describes her as "a showy woman." Her official dress uniform is noted as stark-white, glistening with medals, and worn along with a tricorn hat and curled eyebrows.[1]


Rysn's Journey to Akinah[edit]

Prior to Vstim gifting ownership of the Wandersail to Rysn, Drlwan and her crew sailed the ship on test runs. Drlwan was initially curt with Rysn, showing her only the barest courtesy due a captain to a rebsk and indicated she did not think Rysn was needed on the Wandersail. On their first voyage with Rysn aboard, she outright denied her the chance to steer the ship, an honor often shown to a rebsk. It is later revealed that Drlwan and her crew believed that Vstim would gift the ship to Drlwan upon his appointment to Trade Minister. Rysn noted she believed Drlwan did not think her worthy of her elevation to rebsk. She was dismissive of the crews belief in "omens" and noted them as "nonsense."[1] Despite this dismissal, she contemplated ending the journey when a dead santhid was spotted, lest her crew mutiny. However, when Rysn's attempted to turn santhid's appearance to a positive, Drlwan was the first to support her efforts. Drlwan noted to Rysn in private that she would turn the ship around if she thought there was a risk of losing it, but "would not do so on a whim."[2]

When the Wandersail breached the storm surrounding Akinah, Drlwan remained on the quarterdeck throughout the breach, held in place by rope. During the breach, Lopen used a Full Lashing on one of her feet to hold her to the deck.[3] Upon reaching Akinah, Captain Drlwan remained with the ship, while the others went ashore.[4] When Nikli and the other Sleepless boarded the Wandersail, Drlwan gathered the remaining soldiers, but they were of little use against the Sleepless.[5]

After the events on Akinah, Drlwan approached Rysn. She noted that she did not think the Alethi would let Cord keep her Shardplate, despite traditional claims to ownership. She then told Rysn that the Sleepless informed her of Rysn's requirement in her deal with the Sleepless that the crew be unharmed. When Rysn said that she did what any rebsk would do, Drlwan corrected her, saying that she "did what any good rebsk would do." Drlwan then offered Rysn the opportunity to steer the ship, and left her with a smile.[6]


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