Cultivation's Perpendicularity

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Cultivation's Perpendicularity
The Horneater Peaks by Yen Shu Liao.jpg
Related to Cultivation
Use Travel between Roshar and Shadesmar
Region Horneater Peaks
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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I used a portal between realms. Cultivation's Perpendicularity, they call it.

Cultivation's Perpendicularity, referred to as "the pool" or the "water of life" by the Unkalaki,[2][3] is the only known stable perpendicularity on Roshar. Like all perpendicularities, Cultivation's Perpendicularity allows for travel between Roshar's Physical Realm and Shadesmar. Although it is possible to enter Roshar through other means, they are known to be highly unstable; as such, this appears to be the main method by which worldhoppers arrive at the planet.[1]

Location and Appearance[edit]

Ah, but these are not springs, this is lowlander word. The Horneater oceans are waters of life.

Rock telling a Unkalaki story to members of Bridge Four[3]

Cultivation's Perpendicularity is located in the Horneater Peaks on Roshar. It is either one or all of the Horneater Oceans, warm bodies of water that allow people to live there despite the high altitude. It's filled with ordinary water at the top; however, beneath this layer, it appears to be made of something else, likely the liquid Investiture of the Shard Cultivation.[3] It's possible that living near Cultivation's Perpendicularity can affect people, as among the Unkalaki--the Horneaters--there are people known as alaii'iku, or Sighted, who are capable of perceiving spren that are normally invisible to the human eye.[4][5] The Sighted are also considered the guardians of the perpendicularity.[2]


Sometimes while swimming in the Oceans, the Horneaters would visit the "place of the gods", implying that the Unkalaki would sometimes travel through the perpendicularity, albeit briefly.[3]

Both Wit and Azure used this perpendicularity when arriving on Roshar. The former passed through while Rock was still at the Peaks, while the latter likely uses it some time later, chasing a "criminal", presumably Zahel.[3][1]

During the True Desolation, the perpendicularity was assaulted through Shadesmar by the Voidbringers, who took control of, and blockaded, it to control travel, as they believed it would help secure them a foothold in the realm so they could begin to build their own empire.[6] Though it seemed that the Voidbringer presence in the region was limited to the Cognitive Realm, it still had some sort of impact on the inhabitants of the Peaks.[7]

Since the Fused increased their influence in Shadesmar, travelers moving through the perpendicularity have become uncommon.[8] This occupation gained the area a poor reputation, and travel to the area became increasingly rarer with ships in the area vanishing before they reached their destination.[9] The Fused began sailing their warships through the region, halting anyone they came upon and demanding tribute of them. Because of this, most spren chose to avoid the region; with the exception of the honorspren who sent warships to attempt to destroy the Fused's blockades, and Azure who still believed it to be the safest way to transfer to the Physical Realm.[10] When she accidentally finds herself stuck in Shadesmar, Azure attempts to convince Kaladin and the other members of their group that they should try and go to the perpendicularity to transfer back to the Physical Realm.[8]


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