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Last Desolation

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The Last Desolation, also known as Aharietiam in Vorin tradition,[1] was believed to be the last Desolation, when mankind's hard-won victory over the Voidbringers ended the cycle of Desolations.

Vorin tradition[edit]

According to Vorin tradition, mankind led by the Heralds and their chosen knights fought off the Voidbringers ninety and nine times, until finally, Aharietiam came and the Voidbringers were cast back into the Tranquiline Halls. The Heralds followed to force them out of heaven as well, and Roshar's Heraldic Epochs ended.[1]


In truth, the nine Heralds that survived the Last Desolation, weighed down by the burden of millennia of torture, chose to abandon their self-appointed burden. They believed that it might be enough to uphold the Oathpact with only Taln who returned to damnation. They told the people that mankind finally won, in hope that it might become true.[2]

The lie was uncovered 4,500 years later, when Talenel'Elin, Herald of the Almighty, returned to announce the True Desolation.


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