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Abilities Truthwatcher
Groups Knights Radiant (Truthwatchers)
, Tashi's Light Orphanage
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Stump is a woman who runs the Tashi's Light Orphanage in Yeddaw. She is also a Knight Radiant and, as she can perform Regrowth, she has been identified as a Truthwatcher.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Lift describes her as a shriveled up weed of a woman. Further, she says that the woman looks like the child of a broom and a particularly determined clump of moss. According to Lift, the woman's skin drips off her bones like something one might hack up after catching the crud in the slums, and ... she has spindly fingers that Lift figures might otherwise be twigs she'd glued in place after her real ones fell off.[2]

The Stump is an elderly woman who is very stern[2]. Many of the children in the orphanage don't like her and neither do most of the surrounding urchins.[2].


She runs the orphanage and seems to have done so for some time. She isn't well liked by those on the outside; according to Lift, they say she's mean; that she only gives away food because she wants to look good for the officials who watch the place,[2] yet it is possible that she founded the orphanage. She was known to run a money laundering scheme that involved exchanging donations to the orphanage with dun spheres[3]. She had been unconsciously using her spheres' Stormlight to heal sick urchins in her care, who she then mistakenly accuses of only pretending to be sick. After learning of her true nature, the charges against her are dismissed by the Prime Aqasix on behalf of Lift.[4]

When Nale instructs his Skybreakers to hunt down a Radiant in Yeddaw, they mistakenly think it was Arclo. In truth, Nale was after the Stump. After a brief altercation involving Lift, the Herald stabs the Stump but does not kill her immediately, in order to lure Lift out, who then heals her after Nale abandons his hunt for Radiants.[5]

Some colleagues of Jasnah convinced the Stump to visit Azimir, probably to speak with Ethid, and she let them make sketches of her spren.[6]


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