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Dreaming-though-Awake by Laurys L.jpg
Abilities Nahel bond, Truthwatcher magic, Splinter
Bonded With Arshqqam
Species Mistspren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Do you think me pretty, or do you think me a monster?


Dreaming-though-Awake is a mistspren on Roshar bonded to Arshqqam.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

As a mistspren, Dreaming-though-Awake manifests in the Physical Realm as a shimmer of light on the wall reflected from a mirror.[3] In Shadesmar, she chooses to manifest as a female made entirely of mist. Her face appears as a porcelain mask that always reflects a twinkling light and almost seems to be crystal from some perspectives; the lips remain stationary when she speaks. She wears a vest, trousers, and gloves that interact with her body as if it were physical, even though it seems to be made of white smoke.[1] When she walks, she seems to drift rather than to step.[2]

Dreaming-though-Awake has a personality that is somewhat off-putting to humans. She is fascinated by humans and even finds what questions they ask and what they think about to be revealing.[1][2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Dreaming-though-Awake can speak multiple Rosharan languages and serves as a translator between Arshqqam and the Alethi. It is unclear if this is because she has learned the languages or if this is simply an aspect of her nature.[4]

By the nature of their bond, Dreaming-though-Awake and Arshqqam can use Stormlight to access the surges of the Order of Truthwatchers, Illumination and Progression.[5]


Forming a Bond[edit]

Dreaming-though-Awake was born some time after the Recreance.[2] Around 1174, she sought out Arshqqam in Yeddaw and bonded her. Using the powers of their bond, Arshqqam began healing the orphans who came to her orphanage.[3]

When Jasnah began investigating Renarin, whose claim to be a Truthwatcher was suspect to her because of the appearance of his spren, Arshqqam was convinced to visit Azimir so that some of Jasnah's colleagues could make a drawing of Dreaming-though-Awake. The disparity convinced Jasnah that Glys was something different.[6]

Joining the Radiants[edit]

Arshqqam eventually felt impelled to leave Tashikk and join the rest of the Knights Radiant at Urithiru; once there, she and Dreaming-though-Awake were chosen to join the coalition's diplomatic expedition to the honorspren.[7] They transitioned to Shadesmar using Urithiru's Oathgate control building,[4] and Dreaming-though-Awake immediately began studying the humans. She asked Adolin for his opinion of her appearance, then interrogated him while he led Maya around introducing the rest of the party to her. When Adolin spoke with Arshqqam a little while later, Dreaming-though-Awake translated for her while Arshqqam spoke about Lift and her decision to leave Yeddaw.[1]

I find the questions fascinating. What you wonder tells me so much.


On the second day of their journey, Shallan sat on the barge sketching when she decided to try to capture Dreaming-though-Awake's odd appearance. The spren approached her and was disappointed to find just a sketch of herself, hoping to see a drawing of the Unmade. When Shallan eagerly plied Dreaming-though-Awake with questions regarding Ba-Ado-Mishram, the mistspren had no answers her.[2]

Dreaming-though-Awake read the letters that Jasnah and Dalinar sent with the group to appeal to the honorspren and discussed them with Arshqqam; later, she translated as Arshqqam pointed out the flaws in their arguments. Citing Dreaming-though-Awake's observation that honorspren can be passionate, Arshqqam suggested that Adolin appeal to their sense of honor.[8]

When Adolin realized that the caravan of humans behind them had been waiting for a chance to attack Notum, Adolin raced off to save him, leaving the rest of the group to follow as quickly as they could.[9] The rest of the group outpaced Arshqqam, Dreaming-though-Awake, and the Cryptics, who only made it about halfway before meeting the rest of the party returning with Notum and Adolin.[10]

After Adolin, Shallan, Maya, and Pattern entered Lasting Integrity, Arshqqam and Dreaming-though-Awake left with Zu, Ua'pam, and Adolin's soldiers to bring word of the situation to Dalinar.[11]


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