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Zu (Roshar)
Zu and Ua'pam by Jessica Liu.jpg
Abilities Stoneward, Shardbearer
Bonded With Ua'pam
Groups Knights Radiant (Stonewards)
Nationality Iriali
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Might as well give it a last hurrah!


Zu is an Iriali Stoneward on Roshar bonded to Ua'pam.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Zu has golden hair and bronze skin that seems metallic.[3][2] She wears traditional clothing: a wrap around the chest (like a warrior's sarashi) with loose flowing trousers and a thick coat.[2][1]

She prefers her Shardblade to be long and slender, with a wicked curve.[3]

Zu is eager and excitable.[4] She is also blunt and to the point, yet playful.[1][5] She has a strong relationship with Ua'pam, hugging him as they enter Shadesmar.[2] He often preaches precaution, which she ignores to playfully unnerve him.[1]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Zu speaks Alethi well. She is more skilled with weaponry and stealth than her account of her past allows.[3][1] She has the gracefulness of an Edgedancer.[1]


As a Stoneward, Zu has the ability to manipulate the Surges of Tension and Cohesion through her Nahel bond with her peakspren.[6] The surge of Cohesion gives her the ability to reshape stone.[1] The surge of Tension gives her the ability to control the hardness of an object allowing her to harden clothing into weapons.[1]


Early life[edit]

Zu was turned out by her people when her powers manifested because they did not know she was a Radiant, instead believing she was cursed by a god.[3] She fled to the Reshi Isles to avoid people making rules about how she should live. While there, she worked as a guide, giving her brief combat experience.[2]

With Ua'pam, in Shadesmar

Mission to Lasting Integrity[edit]

In 1175, Zu was chosen to go on a diplomatic mission to Lasting Integrity to try to convince more honorspren to bond with humans. As the group was preparing to leave, she was intrigued by Adolin explaining to Godeke about all of the types of swords he was bringing. She summoned Ua'pam to show him why a Shardblade was superior and told him he should become a Radiant. They transferred to Shadesmar from an Oathgate control building,[3] and Zu immediately leaped up and grabbed Ua'pam in a hug. When Adolin tried to introduce her to Maya, Zu deflected his question about her past and went to look around.[2]

Once on Unativi's barge, Zu liked to spend time in conversation with the other peakspren.[7] She and Ua'pam made arrangements for the group to camp outside of Nameless when the barge landed there.[8] She frequently scouted ahead of the group as they traveled.[2][1] Zu pointed out to Adolin that the Tukari caravan was still keeping pace behind them after they passed the crossroads. She blithely suggested to Adolin that the two of them go confront the group, using their remaining Stormlight in the encounter. Ua'pam advised Adolin not to encourage her, and she genially rejoined her spren and went back to the camp.[1]

"Your people are trying to ride it."
"My people are storming stupid."

Godeke and Zu[5]

When Adolin and the Radiants discussed their approach to the honorspren, Zu admitted that she had no patience for politics and would simply tell them they were "being storming stupid" for thinking they could remain out of the conflict.[5] Zu was caught by surprise when Adolin figured out that the Tukari tailing them were actually after Notum, but she went to his aid with the others as quickly as she could.[4] When they finally approached Lasting Integrity and Adolin reported to the group that he, Shallan, Maya, and Pattern were going to have to enter without them, Zu protested that she didn't like the idea of splitting up.[9] Afterwards, she and Ua'pam returned with Arshqqam, Dreaming-though-Awake, and Adolin's soldiers to apprise Dalinar of the situation.[10]


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