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Lopen's family
Relatives Lopen
Abilities Windrunner, Shardbearer
Bonded With Caelinora
Groups Knights Radiant (Windrunner), Bridge Four, Kholin army
Nationality Herdazian
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Oathbringer

Is not my recipe. Huio has changed this thing. I now have to either promote him or push him off side of plateau.

Lunamor serving shiki to Kaladin[1]

Huio is a Herdazian member of Bridge Four on Roshar during the Era of Solitude and a Windrunner of the Third Ideal.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Short joke? Be glad not short temper.

—Huio to Lopen[3]

Huio is one of Lopen's cousins. He is a short,[3] bald,[4] beefy man with thick arms.[2] He is known among Bridge Four for his propensity to visit prostitutes.[5] His lack of fluency in Alethi is a source of embarrassment to him,[6] though he gets a sense of satisfaction and pride out of his cooking skill.[1] He is a curious and scientifically minded person, and has a fondness for taking apart fabrials to experiment with them and better understand how they work, though this frequently results in him breaking the fabrial beyond repair.[7]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Huio is a Windrunner, quick to pick up on how to draw in Stormlight. This allows him to use Stormlight and access the Surges of Gravitation and Adhesion. He is also fairly skilled in field medicine--at least, more so than Teft--and a more than adept cook.[8][1] After Huio swore the Third Ideal of the Windrunners, his spren Caelinora gained the ability to become a Shardblade, which can be summoned in the form that he chooses, including a hammer.[9]

Along with Rock and Lopen, Huio is one of the only members of Bridge Four that can swim.[10]


Late in 1173, Lopen brought Huio and another of his cousins, Rod, to join Bridge Four.[2] He ended up often being on kitchen duty with Rock, requesting the duty more and more as the others became squires. Huio once added a handful of lazbo to some shiki he was stirring for Rock, much to Rock's horror. When Rock tasted it, however, he realized Huio had improved on the original recipe. He even began to ask Huio's advice on some recipes.[1]

Huio also pulled shifts guarding the Kholins with the rest of Bridge Four.[11] He was part of the group that went with Dalinar to Thaylen City to check on Amaram's progress helping rebuild the city from the damage from the Everstorm and to attend a conference with Queen Fen and the other monarchs who had joined their coalition. The soldiers from Bridge Four were with Dalinar in the conference, so they heard the translation of the Eila Stele; this demoralized the group enough that they left Dalinar behind and returned to Urithiru on their own.[3] When they returned to the Bridge Four barracks, they discovered the aftermath of Taravangian's plot to steal back Jezrien's Honorblade: Rock and Bisig were gravely injured, and Eth was dead. Huio, the best at field medicine present, attended to Rock until they could get him to Renarin.[12]

When he began earning a stipend as a Radiant, he sent most of it to his family to help out the poorer cousins, of which a large part went to Rod's family.[7]

Expedition to Aimia[edit]

A few months after the Battle of Thaylen Field, Lopen and Huio were chosen by Kaladin to join the Thaylen expedition to Akinah aboard the Wandersail as they were capable of swimming,[13] and did not yet have their Blades.[14] Huio spent the early portions of the trip assisting the crew with shipboard duties.[15] Because of Huio struggles with Alethi, Lopen frequently pulled his cousin into conversations to translate jokes. Huio tinkered with Rushu's spanreed and the aluminum foil - an activity that ultimately results in the discovery of aluminum-modified fabrials.[7]

After discovering Nikli's plot to sabotage the expedition, Lopen and Huio are tasked with flying the porter to shore for incarceration.[16]

At some point during Lopen's absence, Huio began fighting the large hordeling that was attacking the Wandersail. Lopen arrived just in time to rescue Huio from its jaws. The two fought the creature to give the crew time to escape. After Lopen's assault fails, and he falls to the ground injured, Huio swore the Third Ideal to save Lopen and summoned Caelinora as a Shardhammer to shatter the hordeling's arm. Shortly after, Huio killed it with a Shardspear through the head. The two escape while Rysn's negotiation continues underground.[17]

Back at the ship, Lopen and Huio discussed the Third Ideal. Lopen congratulated his cousin on beating him to the ideal, although struggled to do so as he had an inkling that Huio's oath had been related to him and thought Huio might harbor ill will for him. Huio, however, explained that did not hate Lopen and that the Third Ideal didn't have to involve hatred - although the constant ribbing and teasing from his cousin could be a bit much.

War in Emul[edit]

Following Kaladin's retirement, Huio and a majority of the Bridge Four Windrunners joined Dalinar's forces on the battlefield in Emul.[18] Huio played cards with his cousin, Lopen, while not in combat.[19] Huio, along with the rest of Bridge Four, later gathered together for Teft's funeral.[20]


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