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Species Sleepless
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Dawnshard

Zyardil is a Sleepless living on Roshar.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Like other Sleepless, Zyardil is made up of a swarm of small creatures known as hordelings that share a hive mind, making its consciousness effectively immortal.[2] The hordelings can be selectively bred to provide the swarm with enhanced abilities.[3] Zyardil seems to be one of the older swarms on Roshar, and is likely thousands of years old. It communicates with other swarms using a sharp, punctuated buzz. It is extremely knowledgeable about both the past and present of Roshar.[1]


Zyardil was one of the swarms that remained loyal to Yelamaiszin, the First swarm. It was therefore involved in protecting Akinah after the Scouring of Aimia, and participated in votes held among the twenty loyal swarms regarding important decisions.[1]

During the Wandersail's expedition to Akinah, Zyardil was involved in a discussion with some of the other swarms about how to stop the humans. It expressed disappointment that the discovery of the First Dreams had renewed interest in Aimia. Unlike Yelamaiszin, it did not believe that Dalinar would destroy the Sleepless because he had made the decision of Honor. Zyardil believed that killing the crew of the Wandersail was a bad idea since they were on an exploratory mission; it believed their deaths would result in more expeditions to the islands. It encouraged Yelamaiszin to listen to younger swarms like Nikliasorm regarding the best way to deal with the humans.[1]


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