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Profession Scholar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Hessi is a scholar and author on Roshar. She is the author of Mythica, a work which investigates historical information about the Unmade and explores their characteristics.[1]


Hessi was presumably alive on Roshar during the arrival of the Everstorm; she was a contemporary of Jasnah Kholin[2] and Shallan Davar mentioned that Mythica was a recent work.[1] Shallan told Adolin and Kaladin about some of Hessi's controversial hypotheses in the book, noting that Mythica was poorly received and was hard to find.[1] Hessi herself knew that aspects of Mythica would be contentious, such as her assertions that the Unmade were still alive[3] and that Moelach was responsible for Death Rattles.[4] Subsequent events proved Hessi to be correct on a number of occasions,[1] indicating that Hessi was a gifted researcher, as she was apparently able to meet the challenge of separating fact from fiction in the many tales and stories about the Unmade.[5]



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