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Type Greatshell
Sapient Yes
Native to Aimia
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The lanceryn (singular: lancer) are a type of greatshell native to Aimia.[1]

The lanceryn were originally the Ancient Guardians or Guardians of Ancient Sins,[2] tasked with the keeping of the Dawnshard underneath Akinah. Like all greatshells, the lanceryn were enormous. It is likely they could fly and bonded mandras. They, like the modern larkin, had the ability to feed on Investiture. At the fall of their species, the Sleepless took over their role protecting the Dawnshard. Some hordelings had bred with lanceryn prior to their fall, thus passing on the ability to feed on Investiture, albeit in a limited manner.[3]

It is commonly believed that the lanceryn died off during the scouring of Aimia, to the dismay of those who had harvested their gemhearts. They were the last creature known to produce gemhearts of large size prior to the discovery of the chasmfiends on the Shattered Plains.[1] However, it appears that the lanceryn live on in some way in larkin.[4][5] The Sleepless Nikliasorm believes that Chiri-Chiri, a larkin, is an Ancient Guardian in her own right. It also says that lanceryn are now called larkin.[3] They are "kind of the same species."[5] Although there is some relationship between the two, it is unclear as of yet exactly what that relationship is.

In the undersea caverns of Aimia, there is a room containing six greatshell skulls made of carapace, presumably belonging to lanceryn. They appear to turn to face Rysn while she is in a nearby cavern.[3]


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