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Titles Third
Species Sleepless
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

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Alalhawithador is a Sleepless swarm living on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Alalhawithador's appearance is unknown, but it can presumably take on various forms due to its Sleepless physiology. It communicates with the other Sleepless in a low, angry buzz. It is aggressive, and eager to rush to the most violent solution; Nikli considers it to be the most volatile of all Rosharan swarms. Nonetheless, Alalhawithador appreciates Nikli's fondness for humans, although this is mostly because it believes this will let Nikli blend in among them much better. When faced with failure, Alalhawithador is acerbic and accusatory.[1]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

More of us should spend time studying humans, to become like them.


Alalhawithador is a Sleepless, a hive mind of small creatures known as "hordelings" that it can breed to fulfill specific purposes.[2] As its cognitive functions are spread across multiple hordelings, this makes it effectively immortal.[3]

New Sleepless swarms start life with the genetic enhancements added by their predecessors; Alalhawithador is therefore relatively unskilled at imitating humans compared to a younger swarm like Nikli. However, it's confident in its combat skills, and believes itself capable of killing a whole crew of humans, including two Knights Radiant.[1]


Alalhawithador was the third Sleepless to Separate from Yelamaiszin, the first swarm to settle on Roshar. Alalhawithador is almost as old as Yelmaiszin; it is likely more than four thousand years old, and possibly much older.[1][2] Over the millennia, it was one of the swarms that remained loyal to Yelamaiszin and helped protect Akinah and its hidden Dawnshard after the Scouring of Aimia. Older swarms like Alalhawithador are exceptionally knowledgeable, but bear the burden of many difficult memories.[1]

When the Wandersail sailed for Akinah, Alalhawithador went along with Nikli's initial plan to simply warn the humans off with manufactured omens. However, after Nikli's first and second attempts failed, it lost patience and began to push for killing all humans on board. When the swarms got sidetracked into discussing humans at large, Alalhawithador pulled them back on track, and pointed out that First Dreams, the ship whose recovery prompted the expedition, was likely deliberately placed so that someone would find it (presumably by Arclomedarian).[1]

Alalhawithador's plans for the crew of the Wandersail involved letting them attempt to breach the storm surrounding Akinah; if they managed to survive and land on the beach, it believed the Sleepless could easily kill them all. Other Sleepless agreed with this plan, but Nikli was eventually given one more try to dissuade the crew.[1]

As a loyal follower of Yelamaiszin, Alalhawithador presumably honored the treaty that was reached with Rysn and Cord after the discovery of Akinah's secrets.[4]


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