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Usage Bunker
World Roshar
Universe cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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He hated being in stormshelters. They felt too much like prisons.


A stormshelter, or a storm bunker, is a type of building on Roshar where people hide during highstorms.[2]


Stormshelters are constructed out of durable materials, such as stone or bricks. Some are built, while others are Soulcast.[3][4] They are designed to give the storm as little purchase as possible, with rounded, low roofs, making them look like loaves of bread.[5][6] While they're made to be secure, at least some of them are built with windows.[7][8]


The primary purpose of a stormshelter is to protect the people and livestock inside from a highstorm -- and, later, the Everstorm.[5] Though most people hide in their homes, the government maintains a number of public stormshelters available to the travelers and the homeless, although they have limited capacity.[1] Moreover, the stormshelters are of paramount importance in warfare.[9] Armies on the move are housed in them, and any force planning a siege will focus on constructing them as fast as possible.[6][3] During battle, civilians hide in them while soldiers fight.[10]

Apart from that, stormshelters are a place of social interaction. Some storm bunkers are built specifically for rich people who come there to enjoy themselves and mingle during highstorms, with many becoming popular hangout spots.[11][12] For the people of lower classes, the stormshelter can serve as a public meeting spot or a dance hall.[13]


  • The name "stormshelter" was first used to describe those buildings in Oathbringer; until then, they were only known as "storm bunkers".


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