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King's Guard

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King's Guard
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The King's Guard is an elite guard for the king of Alethkar.[1] They are a Division of the Cobalt Guard Of the Kholin Princedom.


Prior to the Battle of the Tower the King's guard was composed of Lighteyes loyal to the Kholin family and administered by Dalinar kholin. Dalinar was directly in charge of securing the kings safety and insured that the members of the King's Guard were very loyal to him.


After the betrayal by Sadeas, Dalinar's officers were decimated and as Bridge Four proved themselves both loyal and capable they were eventually given Stewardship of the King's Guard. Dalinar eventually reassigned the original members of the king's guard to other positions to fill the positions that Sadeas' betrayal made in the structure of the Kholin army.

Post Battle of Narak[edit]

After the Battle of Narak Bridge Four along with the Kholin army Took up residence in Urithiru. Having discovered that Bridge Four were now all Windrunner squires Dalinar released them from duty. Dalinar most likely reassigned new members to the kings guard at this time how ever those positions most likely were not long lasting as soon Elhokar traveled with Kaladin to Kholinar.

Current Status[edit]

Dissolved though possibly reformed into a Queen's Guard following Jasnah taking the throne of Alethkar.


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