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House Kholin
Children Dalinar, Gavilar
Ancestors Sadees
Descendants Elhokar, Jasnah, Adolin, Renarin, Gavinor
Died Unknown[1]
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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Their father had been too busy getting himself cut apart in foolish duels of honor, including the one where he'd taken a blow to the head. He’d never been right after that.

Dalinar's recollections[2]

Dalinar's father was an Alethi brightlord. He died at an unknown point prior to the War of Reckoning.[1]

Very little is known about him. His branch of House Kholin was one of the poorer, and couldn't afford monasteries or practice guards. His place of residence is unspecified, but it wasn't Kholinar.[3] In his youth, he participated in a war of some sort.[1] His wife -- Dalinar and Gavilar's mother -- died when the two boys were still children.[4] When Dalinar became old enough to learn swordfighting, his father hired Harth, a swordsman from two towns over, to teach him.[3] He spent more time fighting duels over honor than he spent raising his sons.[2]

As a younger man, brightlord Kholin participated in numerous duels, with one ending in a severe head injury, leading to some sort of condition that left his two sons to raise themselves.[2] Perhaps as a result of this, in his old age, he suffered from delusions where he thought he was back in the numerous battles of his youth. It's uncertain when he passed away, but it was likely within Adolin's lifetime.[1]


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