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Gavinor Kholin

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Gavinor Kholin
House Kholin
Parents Elhokar, Aesudan
Relatives Jasnah, Adolin, Renarin, Hesina,[1] Kaladin, Tien, Oroden
Ancestors Sadees, Gavilar, Navani
Born ~1172[2]
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Gavinor Kholin is the first and only son of Elhokar and Aesudan Kholin.[3]

Gavinor spent most of his life in Kholinar with his mother, Aesudan. Little is known about his childhood before the Battle of Kholinar, when he was two or three year old. Jasnah Kholin currently rules as queen regnant, with Gavinor named as her heir.[2]


Gavinor is a small, two or three year old boy at the time of Kaladin, Elhokar, and Shallan's infiltration of the Kholinar Palace. He is found wearing a Kholin blue uniform, as well as holding a stuffed soldier that wears the same uniform.[4]

By the time Kaladin flies back to Alethkar after the battle at Thaylen City, Gavinor appears to be three or four years old, with chapped lips, haunted eyes, and is dressed in rags.[2]


When Kaladin and Elhokar stormed the Kholinar Palace and found Aesudan in the royal chambers, Elhokar spoke with Aesudan while Kaladin went into the other room to look for Gavinor. Gavinor was being tormented by spren, so Kaladin summoned a Syldagger and killed one of the spren. Elhokar and Aesudan's conversation escalated to a full-scale argument, with Kaladin being able to hear every word they said from the other room. Kaladin tried to pick up Gavinor, but he screamed and scrambled away from Kaladin. Elhokar ran over and comforted his son. It is after this that Aesudan revealed that she was allied with Yelig-nar and Ashertmarn. Elhokar whispered something to his son, which made the boy stop crying and allowed his father to pick him up.[4]

During the fighting at the Kholinar Palace, Elhokar, holding Gavinor, was one word away from speaking the Immortal Words when Moash came up from behind and ran him through with a spear. Moash kicked Gavinor aside.[4]

Kaladin returned to Alethkar to rescue Drehy and Skar, who he left behind in the fighting at the Kholinar Palace. He found them near a dried out river, with the symbol of Bridge Four painted on a tarp. Drehy and Skar revealed a few servants they saved, as well as Gavinor.[2]


Aesudan Kholin

Aesudan Kholin is the mother of Gavinor Kholin. Not much is known about their relationship, apart from the fact that after Aesudan fell under the influence of some of the Unmade, her son grew scared of her and most other people.[4]

Elhokar Kholin

Elhokar Kholin is the father of Gavinor Kholin. Not much is known about their relationship, apart from the fact that Elhokar seems to be able to calm Gavinor down when he is crying after Kaladin attempts to pick him up during the infiltration of the Kholinar Palace.[4]

Drehy and Skar

Little is known about the journey of Drehy and Skar's small band of refugees who fled the city after the siege of Kholinar. However, it is apparent that Drehy and/or Skar were able to convince Gavinor to come with them, and after they have sacrificed so much to protect Gavinor and the rest of their band, it is likely that Gavinor trusts Drehy and/or Skar.[2]


When Elhokar and Kaladin enter the royal chambers of the Kholinar Palace, Elhokar asks Aesudan where Gavinor is. She informs them that he is off playing with friends. This later proved to be a lie, however, it would be reasonable to assume that Gavinor has/had friends, depending on the availability of these friends after their parents succumbed to the influence of the Heart of the Revel.[4]

Gavilar Kholin

Gavilar Kholin is Gavinor's grandfather.

Navani Kholin

Navani Kholin is Gavinor's grandmother as well as his second great aunt.

Jasnah Kholin

Jasnah Kholin is Gavinor's aunt.

Dalinar Kholin

Dalinar Kholin is Gavinor's great uncle.


Evi is the first of Gavinor's great aunts.

Adolin Kholin

Adolin is Gavinor's second cousin once removed.

Renarin Kholin

Renarin is Gavinor's second cousin once removed.

Shallan Davar

Shallan is Gavinor's second cousin-in-law once removed.


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