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Gavilar firestorm.jpg
by Ben McSweeney
Type Shardblade
Owners Gavilar Kholin (former), Elhokar Kholin (unbonded, former)
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Firestorm is the name given to a Shardblade once held by King Gavilar Kholin.[1]


Like all Shardblades, Firestorm is about six feet long and very broad. It has a long, straight handle with a ring pommel and no crossguard. The blade is symmetrical, and shaped like flames burning in the direction of the handle, broad near the base and coming to a sharp point at the very tip.[1] It's appearance is sometimes described as "wicked".[2] In low light, it seems to almost glow.[3]


It's unknown when Gavilar bonded the blade; it's possible he inherited it, as the Kholin household had a number of wooden practice Shardblades in his childhood.[4] He already has it at the Rift, and wields it throughout the entire war of Alethkar's unification.[5][6]

Gavilar uses Firestorm to defend himself from Szeth when the latter arrives to assassinate him, but to no avail.[3] Following his death, Firestorm becomes a practice Blade for Alethi who don't posses their own Shards. Any lighteyes can loan it from King Elhokar, as the Shardblades are difficult to master and should a Shardbearer fall, another must be able to immediately pick up and use their weapon.[7] In addition, Firestorm is often used for duelling by brightlords who do not have a Blade. Among others, Resi wields it in a duel against Adolin, as does Eranniv.[8][2]

Its fate after the Battle of Narak is unknown. Presumably, it was taken to Urithiru along with the rest of the Kholin warcamp.


  • Gavilar has a habit of summoning and dismissing Firestorm time after time when he's about to engage in battle.[5] His nephew Adolin does the same with Mayalaran.
  • Firestorm is never named in the text proper of Stormlight Archive, only in Shallan's sketch of the royal Shardblades. As such, it's unclear whether Gavilar called it by that name or if it only came to be known as Firestorm after his death.
  • The reason for the above seems to be that the Firestorm was named by Ben McSweeney, the author of Shallan's sketchbook illustrations, when he was told to draw the royal Blades, rather than by Brandon himself.[9]


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