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Elhokar sunraiser.jpg
Type Shardblade
Owner Elhokar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Elhokar stood tall, his narrow Shardblade glittering as he called commands.

Sunraiser is the name given to the Shardblade held by King Elhokar.[2]


Sunraiser is a long sword with a thin blade and a large crossguard. Running down its sides are the ten fundamental glyphs, representing the ten orders of Knights Radiant.[2] Though hefty, it's light enough to be held in one hand even by a person without Shardplate.[1] However, it's more suited to two-handed wielding, and has a particularly long ricasso that lends itself to half-swording.[3]


Like all dead Shardblades, Sunraiser was once a spren that became stuck in its current form at the Recreance.[4] Its fate afterwards is mostly unknown, but by the time of Dalinar and Gavilar Kholins' conquest of Alethkar, it found its way into the hands of Highlord Kalanor. Dalinar defeated Kalanor and gifted the Blade to Gavilar, insisting that the latter save it for his children.[5]

Eventually, Elhokar came to carry the weapon.[2] During the War of Reckoning, it was one of the two King's Blades, alongside Gavilar's Firestorm, and all non-Shardbearer lighteyes could borrow it for duels and training.[6] Later, early on in the True Desolation, Elhokar took it with him to the besieged Kholinar.[1] As Elhokar died there, it's likely that Sunraiser was found and picked up by one of the Fused or their servants.


  • Sunraiser is one of three named Shardblades so far to have gotten a canonical depiction in the books, alongside Mayalaran and Firestorm.[7]
  • Brandon deliberately wanted Sunraiser's design to be traditional and simple compared to other Shardblades.[3]
  • While it is significant that there are ten Radiant glyphs etched into it, Sunraiser was not a Bondsmith Shardblade.[8]


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