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Profession Footman[1]
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

In fact, something occurs to me right now. I might have need of you, Bordin.

Dalinar hatching a plan to reveal Amaram[2]

Bordin is a darkeyed footman in the employ of Dalinar Kholin on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Bordin is a young darkeyed Alethi man, with short dark hair and prominent eyebrows. He usually wears the colors of House Kholin.[3]

Bordin is one of Dalinar's most trusted footmen;[1] Dalinar assigns him several important tasks that require a high level of discretion.[1][4]


Dalinar kept Bordin stationed in Kholinar for several years during the War of Reckoning. The Ghostbloods were aware of Bordin and believed he was tasked with spying on Aesudan while the leaders of House Kholin were at the Shattered Plains.[1]

In late 1173, a madman--actually the Herald Taln--was apprehended in Kholinar, and Bordin secretly escorted him to the Shattered Plains.[2][4] During this period, an unknown party (not Hoid)[5] swapped Taln's Honorblade with a regular dead Shardblade.[6] Hoid (posing as the King's Wit) accompanied Bordin for the first few days of the journey from Kholinar before insulting him and running off into the hills; Bordin said the madman was a better companion than Wit. Upon arriving at the Plains, Bordin reported to Elhokar and Dalinar, informing them of Wit's strange actions and explaining that Taln had readily dropped the unbonded Blade that he was carrying.[2]

Deceiving Amaram[edit]

Dalinar had grown suspicious of Amaram, and used Bordin to test the Highmarshal. On Dalinar's orders, Bordin went drinking with some of Amaram's guards and sowed rumors of treasure that the madman claimed he had hidden in the area. He then hid Taln's Shardblade in a nearby cavern and monitored Amaram's actions. As a precaution, Dalinar feigned illness and bonded the Blade before it was hidden.[7][4] Amaram heard the rumors, and Bordin accompanied him to the cell in Dalinar's temple where Taln was being held. The Ghostbloods had gotten wind of the situation, and Mraize sent Shallan to infiltrate the cell; she was there when Bordin and Amaram arrived and planned to sketch their portraits for Mraize.[3] Amaram attempted to interview Taln but got nowhere, while Bordin reinforced the rumor of a hidden cache of Blades. Amaram was eager to find the Blades, and compelled Bordin to help look for them.[3]

Meanwhile, Dalinar asked Amaram to look into Bordin's claims as a test to see if he would conduct a legitimate investigation, also giving him more time to come clean.[4] Amaram's men did retrieve the Shardblade; when he lied to Dalinar about it, Dalinar finally understood the scope of Amaram's betrayal. Amaram's actions also lent credence to Kaladin's account that he had stolen an unknown Shardbearer's Blade and Plate years before. Dalinar confronted Amaram and revealed Bordin's role in the plot; Dalinar summoned the Shardblade he had bonded to prevent Amaram from attacking him. Dalinar stripped Amaram of the position as head of the Knights Radiant, but he did not have him executed.[4]


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