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Highprince of Information
Related to Alethkar, Alethi culture, Highprince
Type Title
World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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The Highprince of Information is a title bestowed by the Alethi king to one of the highprinces.

The Highprince of Information has authority over criminal investigations, particularly those of interest to the Crown.[1] The title also grants permission to enter another highprince's land and question their servants and troops. Denying the Highprince of Information access to these could be taken as denying the kings will.


As Torol Sadeas suggested, King Elhokar made him Highprince of Information. His first task was the investigation of a suspected assassination attempt on the king during a chasmfiend hunt, but Sadeas disproved that assertion later.[2] Sadeas renounced the title of Highprince of Information later, in order to distance himself from the king's authority and antagonize the throne and Dalinar, as it had been his idea to institute these functions into Elhokar's kingdom as a means of preparing the other Highprinces for his nomination as Highprince of War.

After the relocation to Urithiru and Sadeas' murder, Highprince Aladar was named Highprince of Information by Dalinar.[3] He tasks Aladar with establishing law and order in Urithiru, and making sure the other highprinces know their realms of control with Urithiru. Aladar moves forward and uses his scribes and military as a policing force and to investigate.[4]

As it was not in Dalinar's own authority to do so, it can be surmised that either Elhokar ratified this decision after the fact or that he gave his uncle the authority to make this nomination in his name beforehand.


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