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Residence Relu-na
Nationality Reshi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Talik is a Reshi trademaster who lives on Relu-na. He is the son of the king and king's consort of the island.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

When Talik meets with Rysn, he is wearing the wrap and tassels common on Relu-na, leaving his tan shoulders bare, and has his hair in two braids. He speaks Thaylen so flawlessly that Rysn feels the need to check him for Thaylen eyebrows.

He appears to have a curt, imperious personality during the negotiation with Rysn, although that may simply be part of the act he puts on as part of his plan with Vstim.


Talik was born to the king and king's consort of Relu-na. His parents sent him to Thaylenah to train with Vstim as his babsk when he was a child; he finished his apprenticeship, becoming a trademaster, and returned to the island to interpret for the king and negotiate trade with outsiders.

Before Vstim and Rysn visit Relu-na, Talik and Vstim agree to fabricate a tough, high-stakes trading situation as practice for Rysn. Unfortunately, it goes wrong when Rysn, desperately wanting to complete the trade, paralyzes herself by jumping off the island and falling into the ocean.


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