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Died ? 1167[1]
Groups Council of Five
Species Singer
Residence Narak
Nationality Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Why worry? If the buildings blow down, we can build them again, can we not?

— Klade on why he does not worry about the highstorms.[2]

Klade was a Parshendi and member of the Council of Five in Narak on Roshar.[2]

Klade said a voice that spoke to the rhythms led him to Szeth, who was for sale by the slavers in Kholinar. Klade purchased Szeth before the feast celebrating the treaty between the Parshendi and Alethkar. Klade pressured Szeth until he confessed his abilities.[3] That night, the Five ordered Szeth to assassinate Gavilar.[4]

Klade was mentioned in King Gavilar Kholin's accounts of his adventures into the Shattered Plains.[2] He seemed to be a guide to the king's party and had a good command of the Alethi tongue.

Klade did not understand the parshmen servants that the Alethi brought with them, wondering why they had no music.[2]

Klade, Gangnah, and Varnali remained behind in the wake of Szeth's assassination of Gavilar.[5] The three Parshendi took full credit for Gavilar's death, but would offer no explanation beyond that they were attempting to avoid the return of their gods. Klade and the other two were hanged for their crime.


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