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Died ? 1167[1]
Groups Council of Five
Species Singer
Nationality Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

We killed your father, Jasnah Kholin.

— Gangnah to Jasnah[2]

Gangnah is a listener elder and foremost member of the Parshendi ruling council.[2]


Gangnah attended the feast celebrating the signing of the peace treaty between the Alethi and the Parshendi.[2] She, Varnali, and Klade remained behind in the wake of Szeth's assassination of the Alethi king, Gavilar Kholin. She confessed her responsibility for Gavilar's death to Brightlady Jasnah Kholin, but offered no explanation beyond that they were attempting to avoid the return of their gods. Gangnah and the other two were hanged for their crime.


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