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Died ? 1167[1]
Groups Council of Five
Species Singer
Nationality Listener
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Varnali was a listener elder and member of the Five, the listener ruling council.[1]

Varnali came to Kholinar with other elders and listeners to the signing of the treaty and accompanying feast.[1] When Eshonai discovered that the Alethi King Gavilar Kholin intended to release their gods, Varnali and the rest of the Five came to the agreement that Gavilar had to be killed to prevent his plan;[2] ordering their newly purchased Truthless, Szeth, to assassinate the king.[3]

Varnali, Gangnah, and Klade remained behind in the wake of Szeth's assassination of Gavilar Kholin while their people escaped.[1] The three listeners came to Gavilar's rooms and spoke to Brighlady Jasnah Kholin, taking full credit for Gavilar's death, but would offer no explanation beyond that they were attempting to avoid the return of their gods. Varnali and the other two were hanged for their crime.


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