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Children Eshonai, Venli
Species Singer
Residence Narak
Nationality Listener
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Jaxlim[1] is an elderly Parshendi who lived on the Shattered Plains on Roshar.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Jaxlim has a solid build despite her advanced age, although she sometimes seems frail.[2] She has a neat round face, and wears her hair strands in a braid tied with a ribbon given to her by Eshonai.[2] She prefers workform and stays in that form even as new ones are discovered, believing that her people should not place value on any particular form in order to avoid social stratification.[2] She once had one of the best memories in the city.[2] She sings often and has a calming, sonorous voice.[2] She had some conflicts with Eshonai while raising her, but Eshonai always respected her.[2]


She was first seen in her shack on the outskirts of Narak tending to her shalebark gardens.[2] She appeared to be senile, as she did not always recognize her daughter and sometimes seemed to hallucinate.[2] Eshonai said that she had not heard wise words from her mother in years.[2]

Jaxlim appeared to be one of the few Listeners who could still recall certain old songs which tell of Parshendi history.[2] Eshonai asked her about the Listeners leaving the "dark home" and her mother sang a song to a Rhythm of Remembrance that revealed tidbits of Parshendi history.[2] Eshonai's mother saved some maps of the former kingdom of Natanatan that Eshonai made in her youth, and she gave them to Eshonai.[2]

She was rounded up with the Parshendi who refused to adopt Stormform when Eshonai began to take control of Narak. She escaped into the chasms with Thude and the rest of the dissenters.[3]

When Venli returned to the remnants of the listeners, Jaxlim had lost all ability to recognize her daughter.[4] However, Venli held out hope that a Radiant bond could still heal her mother's mental afflictions.[4]


“Daring was the challenge made,” Mother sang, “when the Last Legion abandoned thought and power in exchange for freedom. They risked forgetting all. And so songs they composed, a hundred stories to tell, to remember. I tell them to you, and you will tell them to your children, until the forms are again discovered.”

—Jaxlim to Eshonai[2]

The old songs recounted by Jaxlim include information about the Parshendi that is not widely known. According to her songs, the Listeners, then known as the Last Legion, were warriors who were sent to fight in a shattered nation. The people were not free, because the Forms of Power had been forced upon them, bending them to the will of their gods. During a storm, the Last Legion decided to abandon the dark home and adopt a form that would allow them to escape the influence of the gods. They knew this form would cause them to lose most of their mental faculties, so they composed songs to try and preserve their history. They decided to spread out into small tribes to avoid conflict.[2]


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