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Spouse Venli
Died Possessed by Hariel, ? 1174[1]
Abilities Forms of Power
Profession Scholar
Species Singer
Nationality Listener
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Words of Radiance

Our ancestors left behind civilization, power, and might in order to secure freedom. I would not give that up, Eshonai.

— Demid[2]

Demid is a listener on Roshar. He is a scholar in Narak during the War of Reckoning alongside his once-mate, Venli, and later takes on stormform.[2][3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

As a scholar, Demid wears nimbleform and has a gangly appearance. He later gains strength and agility by switching to stormform.[4]

Demid is intelligent, curious, and thoughtful.[2][1] He is willing to go to great lengths to defeat the humans, but he prefers to avoid unnecessary risk to his people.[2][5] He is empathetic, and has a calming effect on those around him.[6] Even in stormform, he is not as quick to anger as his compatriots.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Like other singers, Demid can change his abilities by taking different spren into his gemheart. He has worn a number of forms. He becomes a scholar through the use of nimbleform and is able to read and write, although the form limits his physical capabilities.[2][7] He is one of the first listeners to take on stormform, and becomes immediately comfortable wearing it.[3]


Demid and Venli met in their youth and became friends.[8] At some point, they took on mateform and became a couple, although they did not have any children.[2] After they left mateform, they remained close; Venli always felt that Demid was someone she could rely on, and often confided in him.[9][10]

Demid was part of Venli's inner circle that first became aware of her research with Ulim regarding lost listener forms, including Forms of Power, and he eagerly supported her.[6] Demid and Venli took nimbleform after it was rediscovered and became research partners for around three years. Demid was a consistent advocate for Venli's views, as he was tired of war and wanted freedom for the listeners. He helped persuade Eshonai that stormform was a weapon that needed to be utilized,[2] and was present when the Five chose her to test it.[7]

Our sacrifice was worthwhile. Yes, we have lost many, but humans sought our extinction. At least this way some of our people survived, and now we have great power!

—Demid, after taking stormform[4]

After Eshonai's successful transformation, Demid also took on stormform.[3][4] He devised a system for transformation that involved entering the highstorm after the initial stormwall had passed, as it was marginally safer.[5] He participated in the Battle of Narak and believed that the sacrifice of some listeners was worth the power that they had gained by calling the Everstorm.[4]

After the battle, Demid was part of the group led by Ulim that searched the chasms near Narak for corpses, in particular Eshonai's. He was the first to spot her body, and despite some serious cultural reservations about touching a corpse, he helped strip off her Shardplate.[4]

Ulim later selected Demid and Venli as two of the first nine listeners that would give up their bodies for the return of the Fused. Neither Demid nor Venli understood the consequences of this process. When the Everstorm hit, Demid died, and his body was taken over by Hariel. Hariel still resembled Demid, but his appearance, voice, and posture changed. Venli was shocked and upset when she realized that Demid was gone, but quickly tried to rationalize their decision.[1]



She liked how he listened to what she said, and he always had a ready compliment. He'd enjoy sneaking about, and she’d feel braver with him along.

—Venli's thoughts on Demid[9]

Demid and Venli have a long history together. In their youth, Venli often sought out Demid to enjoy his company. He is complimentary and supportive, and has a way of making her feel confident.[8][9][6] After their time together in mateform, they remain close, and work well as a "researchpair" of scholars.[2] Venli suppresses any lingering romantic feelings that she has for Demid, but maintains a bond with him.[4] Demid remains loyal to Venli, and is one of the few people who know of the key role that she plays in restoring the old forms to the listeners.[10] At times, he worries about her ambition, but ultimately stands behind her.[11]

Venli tries to convince herself that Demid's death was a necessary sacrifice,[1] although she does not feel right about it, suspecting that her envoyform is affecting her emotions.[11] She later uses Surgebinding to escape Odium's influence, and realizes that she did love Demid.[12] She regrets not understanding her true feelings, and blames herself for his death.[13]


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