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Related to Odium, Fused
Type Title
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Stormlight Archive

They gave your title to a human. Disgraceful.

Lezian to El, on Moash[1]

Vyre, or He Who Quiets, is a title appointed by Odium, denoting an extremely skilled and high-ranking assassin. Only one person holds the title at a given time. Unlike the similar titles "the Pursuer" or "Lady of Wishes", it is used in place of the bearer's name.

The current Vyre possesses Jezrien's Honorblade.



El was likely the original Vyre. However, the title was revoked when he dared to suggest that humans, instead of being wiped off Roshar, be put to use.[2] Despite this, he still retained some measure of respect from both Odium and the Fused. This is evident in both the fact that Odium accelerated Lezian's return from Braize in order to provide El with a suitable subject for testing anti-Voidlight, and upon this rebirth, Lezian didn't even dare complain in the face of El's taunting. Little is known about El's activity as Vyre.


Moash was given the title in late 1174[3], when he was sent with a raysium dagger to kill Jezrien.[4] The decision to grant a title with such prestige to a human was a subject of much contention among the Fused,[1] but was generally accepted. Due to the fact that Moash could have innately been a good person, Odium made certain to continually take all of the man's emotions upon himself, to prevent him from feeling guilt.

In early 1175, he was sent to isolate Kaladin and attempt to convince him to commit suicide, during which assignment he killed Roshone to make a point.[5] However, he was stopped when Renarin intervened, showing Vyre a vision of the person whom he could have been, had he not gone down the path he had--a Windrunner of the Third Ideal. At this, he fled.[5]

During the occupation of Urithiru, Vyre spent most of his time operating the Oathgate between the tower and Kholinar. However, once Kaladin began his uprising against the Fused occupation, Vyre made a deal with Raboniel--in exchange for his disabling Kaladin as a threat, she would allow him to kill Navani. In order to accomplish this, Vyre pretended to be one of the unconscious Radiants in the infirmary--that is, right until Teft and Lift sprung the trap.[6] Despite the fact that they were not the intended targets, Moash immediately slashed through Lift's legs, stabbed Teft's spren, Phendorana, with an anti-Stormlight dagger, killing her, and then killed Teft himself with his Honorblade.[7] He dropped the corpse in front of Kaladin in order to send him into despair, eradicating him as a threat. After warning Lezian not to attack Kaladin, as he would then arise with a vengeance, headed to the basement of the tower in order to kill Navani.[8]

Right as the queen was killing Raboniel, Vyre threw his knife, hitting her in the chest. However, she managed to convince the Sibling to bond with her in time, and once they did, the tower's protections were fully restored. This caused Vyre's Connection to Odium to become severed, meaning that he felt all the guilt that he should have been feeling for killing his friend and teacher.[9] He managed to Lash himself out of the tower, but collided with something, breaking his spine. He was found by a group of shanay-im, who brought him to out of the tower's range and gave him Stormlight, healing both his guilt and his back. However, the spinal injury had rendered him permanently blind.[10]


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