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by Ben McSweeney
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Rockbuds are plants with rock-like shells native to Roshar. The term refers to all plants that have shells as well as to the "true" or "common" rockbud.[1] The shell protects the more sensitive organism within from highstorms. After storms, tendrils reach out of the bud to lap up the water on the ground. Rockbuds have also been seen to ingest Chasmfiend blood.[2]

Domestic Cultivation[edit]

The vines of domestic rockbuds have slower reactions than that of wild buds.[3] The listeners are known to accelerate growth of rockbuds using Stormlight from gemstones.[4] Colder climates will stunt the growth of rockbuds. In warmer areas buds can grow nearly to the size of a barrel,[5] however in the Frostlands they grow no bigger than a fist.[6]


Rockbuds provide a variety of uses. They contain watergourds which can be used for medicinal purposes, provide food for both chull and human consumption, and dried rockbud pulp is used in paper making.[7] Though they do not burn as well as wood, the shells may be used as fuel for fire.[8]


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