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Died ? 1174[1]
Groups Diagram
Nationality Thaylen
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Oathbringer

I have no need for your maps. The Passions guide me.

— Febrth to Graves[1]

Febrth is a Thaylen man who is a member of the Diagram on Roshar during the Era of Solitude.[1]

Apperance and Personality[edit]

Despite being Thaylen, Febrth also has the characteristic red hair of an Unkalaki, indicating a mixed heritage.[1] Febrth's belief in the Passions is unflinching, he believes that they will guide him so he has no outside information or guidance. Despite the fact that the Diagram asks that its members abandon their previous faiths, Febrth maintained that he could believe in both.

Febrth was a truly terrible cook, the stew he makes looks like mush and tastes of crem.[1]


Nothing of Febrth's early life is known. He was an ardent follower of the Passions who was recruited by the Diagram.[1] He accompanied Fia, Moash and Graves on their trip across the Frostlands to Kharbranth. On one of the evenings that Febrth made stew for dinner, he and Graves argued about their location. Febrth believed that they needed to continue traveling south, despite what Graves's map indicated. Febrth believed that the Passions would guide him to their destination. Shortly later that same evening, their camp was ambushed by a group of the Fused and Febrth was killed.


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