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Vyre and Hnanan by Ralf Melevo.jpg
by Ralf Melevo
Abilities Fused, Cognitive Shadow, Surgebinder (Gravitation)
Groups Fused
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

You have killed a king. Would you do the same to a god?

— Hnanan to Moash[1]

Hnanan is a Dawnsinger that lives on Roshar and is a member of the Fused.[1]


Millenia ago, Hnanan was made into one of the Fused by Odium,[1] granted powers and the ability to be reincarnated in another singer's body.[2] She fought in the Desolations against humankind, returning to Braize with the other Fused at the end of each Desolation. Hnanan served as one of the leaders of the Fused, ranked similarly to a highprince.[1] She may have two siblings, a brother and a sister. If so, it is possible that Leshwi is the sister. As of the True Desolation, In 1174, Hnanan was reincarnated and took up residence in the king's chambers of Kholinar Palace after the city fell to the Voidbringers. Odium spoke to Hnanan, instructing her to command Moash to kill Jezrien. Hnanan sent Leshwi to bring him to her rooms. She met him on the balcony, hovering over the edge looking at the city. She gave Moash a yellow-white knife and sent him to murder Jezrien in the Beggars' Porch.

Appearance and Abilities[edit]

Hnanan's name is less a word and more of a humming sound.[1] She is referred to as Ancient Singer. Hnanan wears robes with a long train and speaks Alethi with a strong accent. As one of the Fused, Hnanan has access to the Surge of Gravitation the ability to make use of Voidlight, as well as the ability to be reborn in the bodies of other singers. Due to this ability, Hnanan rarely sets foot on the ground, preferring to hover like other Fused with the same ability.


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