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The Pursuer by rspixart.png
Died 1175, killed by El[1]
Abilities Fused
Titles The Pursuer
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Lezian, also known as The Pursuer, is a nex-im, or "Those Ones of Husks" Fused on Roshar.[2] As a nex-im, Lezian has access to the Surge of Transportation. Lezian is named the Pursuer, due to his tradition of hunting down those that had previously killed him and claiming their life. This tradition was started to avoid the shame of being the first Fused to be killed by a human.[2][3] He was so dedicated to this that he would even kill himself once the Heralds returned to Braize so that he couldn't be killed by a human he couldn't later Pursue. Leshwi notes that while he is respected for his determination, he is also reckless, having endangered plans and ruined many missions.[2]

During the True Desolation, Lezian first appeared in Hearthstone on the mission to test the Fourth Bridge's battle potential. Kaladin came to the town before the ship, and had been spotted. Lezian came searching, and eventually found Kaladin in disguise.[4] The two fought, and eventually Lezian retreated, warning Kaladin to watch for him.[5] Later, the Pursuer reappears and Kaladin confronts him. He then used a Voidlight fabrial that suppressed Kaladin's powers. Lezian laughs and says that Kaladin relies too much on his powers in combat, but Kaladin attacks anyway, and kills the Pursuer, becoming Lezian's next target.[6] Kaladin fought the Pursurer multiple times during Raboniel's occupation of Urithiru, ultimately killing him again just prior to the restoration of the Sibling and naming him "Defeated One". When Lezian returns after this death, El annihilates him with a dagger charged with anti-Voidlight in order to test whether the inverse Light functions as Raboniel theorized. It does, and Lezian permanently dies.[1]


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